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Just Ask Wim!: Down-to-Earth Gardening Answers

by Wim Vander Zalm

HARBOUR PUBLISHING | March 27, 2013 | Trade Paperback

What vegetables can I plant as winter crops? How can I avoid bitter bolting lettuce? When is the best time to cut back rhodos? How do I overwinter my geraniums and fuchsias? What fastgrowing evergreen hedge will work for my narrow urban yard? How late can I plant spring-flowering bulbs? What should I do about the chafer infestation that is destroying my lawn? Why aren't my berries bigger?

Just email, and let us know how many books that you would like and how you would like Wim to personally sign it/them for you. 
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Then prepare to elevate your gardening skills with down to earth easy to understand answers to over 100 commonly asked gardening questions. You'll love the detail and humour in Wim's answers.

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