Saturday, November 10, 2012

Arbutus Tree

Q: I live in New Westminster, my soil has great drainage and I would like to grow an Arbutus tree. It would face south, but I've heard they don't grow well except on coastal rocky areas. Would you recommend trying and do you sell Arbutus trees.

A: You heard right. They only really grow well in as you say, coastal rocky locations. I would highly recommend that you choose another tree. You're better off trying to grow a tree that will not give you any challenges and one that will naturally thrive in the environment in your yard.
Select a tree taking into consideration your desired specifications starting with your specific zone, the exposure, height and width, care requirements, blossoms, fall colour or any other attributes to fit the specific location. Take advantage of at experts in your local garden centre. Show them a picture of the area that the tree is to be planted and choose from a minimum of 3 suggestions. Always ask what drawbacks there are to each tree suggestion to help you determine which tree would be best for your yard. Care and maintenance play a vital role in selecting the perfect tree so take some time investigating as your new tree will be with you for a long time.

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