Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cedar Trees

Q: In my back yard i have several big cedar trees, i have build a raised planter around the base of the trees and limbed the trees up 12 feet i would like some pland suggestions that i can put into the planter i guess something that like an acidic soil and shade to part shade?

A: Good thinking on the acid loving plants as they would need to be. Cedars will root up into that soil and fill those boxes so it's going to be a challenge for plants, however using some native plants that naturally grow along cedars would be your best bet. Consider, Gaultheria, Sword Ferns, Salal, Vinca, Hosta, or Azaleas. All relatively hardy and easy to grow along cedars. You still may have to mulch them for the first few years with a couple inches of fresh top soil annually.

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